SOMMER 2080 EVO+ 1HP Garage Door Opener with Carriage Door Opener Kit

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  •    Ceiling Mount Opener Overview Top of Page
    The 2080 EVO+ is a ceiling mount garage door operator by SOMMER with a carriage door opener kit.
    • Max Weight: 800 lb. per leaf
    • Opening Arch Capabilities: Up to 9 ft. Opening (2 doors at 4.5 feet)
    • Purpose: Automates Carriage Doors
    • Comes with: 1 Remote, wall station, and safety sensors.
    • Power: 24V DC Motor

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    The SOMMER 2080 EVO+ carriage door opener has a powerful 24V DC motor that travels along a stationary chain resulting in an extremely quiet carriage door opener. Its powerful motor allows for up to 70 door movements per hour!

    This ceiling mount operator has patented direct drive technology. The motor glides along the stationary chain and the swing door fitting allows swing doors to open up to a nine-foot door opening (2 doors at 4.5 feet). The adjustable fitting customizes to your carriage doors. It is the best solution for heavier doors. The fitting is directly attached to the door's edge, which puts less strain on the operator.

    It has the least amount moving parts than any opener on the market making it extremely durable. There is no moving chain or tooth belt, thus, there are no wear and tear parts like deflection pulleys. Its state of the art ergonomic design makes it stronger than a chain drive and quieter than a belt drive.

    With carriage door openers, safety is a must! Both the 2060 and 2080 EVO+ models come with photo eyes and internal obstacle detection (a function of the circuit board).

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    The SOMMER 2080 EVO+ carriage door opener features include:

      • 1 HP
      • Lifetime warranty on the whole unit (two years on all accessories)
      • AM 922.5 MHZ, Homelink compatible radio frequency
      • Eliminates unwanted sagging of chain or belt associated with conventional openers
      • Fully automatic force adjustment that will not allow a broken door to burn out the motor
      • Soft start and soft stop including a back jump to release stress on motor and doors
      • No maintenance required - the chain does not need to be oiled so there are no stains on your vehicle or doors

      Manual Override
      The SOMMER garage door openers are the only products of their kind that allow the door to be disengaged and engaged in any position. This offers safety and security, i.e., in case of a power outage.

       Included with the Carriage Door Opener Top of Page
    • 1 Horse Power Unit w/ Rails
    • 24V DC Motor
    • 1) 4 – Button transmitter w/ 922.5 MHz Frequency
    • Swing Door Fitting
    • Set of Safety Photo Eyes
    • DeLuxe Wall Station

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    Manual: Synoris 800N Carriage Door Opener Manual
    QB ID: YUSKS10252-00002

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