Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit

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    The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit is a fully weatherproof system that consists of a non-reversing electro-mechanical articulating operator, powered by a 24V AC transformer, combined with a control board to move the arm and trickle charge the backup battery. The non-reversing system guarantees the carriage door will automatically lock when the motor is not operating.

    • Weight and length: Max weight of 800 lbs. per leaf
    • Opening arch capabilities: up to 100 degrees
    • Purpose: automates carriage garage doors
    • Compatible with: keypads, magnetic and solenoid locks, safety sensors, intercoms, and much more!
    • Solar Compatible: No
    • Power: Large 24V AC Motor

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    The Estate Swing DIY Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit is truly a DIY installation. The operator motor and pivot arm can be installed with household tools and requires no specialized tools. The low voltage wiring does not require professional installation. encourages our customers to install their openers as it will save them $1000s of dollars over time because they will have knowledge on how the opener was installed and it will make it easier for them to carry out routine maintenance. We have technical and installation support 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, EST to help with any questions you may have during your installation.

       Detailed Description Top of Page

    The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit is a revolutionary opener designed for homes with carriage doors. As the first of its kind unit, The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit offers easy-to-install functionality. It is specifically designed for use in a residential location, enhancing the usability of one's carriage door while maintaining the aesthetically pleasing exterior.

    The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit is designed to be easy to install for the average handyman. Every kit comes standard with everything needed for installation, including mounting brackets (hardware to affix brackets to a wall is not included). For streamlined installation, we offer 9 am-9 pm EST. If those hours do not fit a customer's schedule, the customer need only send in an e-mail detailing expected installation time, and will respond with a number for the customer to reach a representative during the scheduled installation. How many other companies will alter their business hours for a customer? Additionally, this kit's low voltage system further enhances the ease of installation. Simply run low voltage wire from an existing household outlet up to 72' away from the opener. With the Estate Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit, the power for the cycles come directly from the 24V transformer plugged into a standard outlet; the batteries are strictly backup for power outages. This feature makes it capable of operating on constant duty and it adds another level of reliability and peace of mind. Finally, included with the kit is the unique user directed instruction manual, designed and updated by, for continuous improvement of installation ease, maintenance, and troubleshooting updates.

    All Estate Swing Carriage Door Opener Kits are built to the highest standards worldwide. To begin with, the manufacturer meets or exceeds ISO 9000 regulations, which require testing on 100% of all products being produced in a single factory, and all the parts of Estate Swing systems are made in one factory. Likewise, Estate Swing products are certified for and exceed UL 325 standards for anti-crushing safety. This is a major consideration as garage and carriage door openers are notoriously involved in causing accidental injury or property damage. But with Estate Swing's superior commitment to safety, the consumer can be assured of the highest level of safety. The diligent observation of safety standards further ensures that this model not only meets safety requirements but also offers a High-quality product. For added security, we do recommend an external automatic lock. For added safety, and FAAC both recommend installing the safety sensors included in the kit.

       Features Top of Page

    The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit has features that include marketing leading features that are innovative in design. These features include:

    • Opening/Closing Soft Stop - Opening/Closing Soft Stop is a feature in which the control board, during the easy setup process learns where the opening and closing points are for the swing of the door. Then during normal operation, the carriage door operator automatically slows the motion of the door to smoothly meet with the door's destination point, minimizing wear and tear on the door.

    • Large 24V Motor - The motor of the Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit is one of the largest found on any residential door opener. It is well equipped to handle doors up to 800 lbs, more weight than found in many heavy doors.

    • Large Opening Arch Capabilities - The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit has the ability to open doors up to 120 degrees, well beyond most other openers. This is especially convenient for driveways that curve just before the entrance to a garage.

    • Advanced Gear System - The gear system is one of the most important parts of a carriage door opener; it influences power, control, reliability, and the lifespan of the motor. The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit uses an advanced gear system cutting down on bearing wear and motor deterioration.

    • All Weather Compatible - This arm can handle significant variations in temperature from the Minnesota cold to the Florida heat and everything in between.

    • One Touch EZ Programming - The Estate Swing Heavy Duty Carriage Door Opener Kit can be programmed by simply pressing one button. The control board is built to be inherently intelligent and learns the open and closing limits automatically, so there is no need for time-consuming guesstimates and manual adjustments.

    • Highest Level of Safety - In addition to meeting or exceeding many safety standards, this kit's safety devices function on a normally closed circuit. This means that if a safety device does not activate for any reason, the opener will not operate, keeping loved ones and assets safe. Most other openers function on a normally open circuit, which means the consumer does not know the safety device is not working properly until it is too late. Another great feature is the lack of pinch points; the articulating arm has been specifically designed to extend and retract without trapping fingers or anything else in the arm.

    • Quick, Safe and Secure Manual Release - Every unit comes with a manual release key. In the rare case, power has failed and the backup battery is not charged, the manual release key can be used to safely open the carriage door without damaging the opener arm or disconnecting anything from the carriage door.

    • Preset Function Logics - At the touch of a button, it is possible to change multiple settings on the Carriage Door Opener to be focused on safety, convenience, etc.

    • Adjustable Performance Features - Consumers can adjust the performance of the Carriage Door Opener to fit their tastes, lifestyle, and needs. Pause Times, Opening/Closing Delays, Static Force and much more can all be adjusted.

    • 12 Volt Output Terminals - Convenient for accessories requiring power, i.e. locks, sensors, etc.

    • Control Board, Easy Read Diagnostics - FAAC has included an LED light diagnostic on the control board for easy diagnostics of problems or missing connections. This allows efficient repair and swift continuation of normal door operation.

    • Quick Plug Radio Receiver - The easiest receiver to use on the market. There are no wires to run, simply set your dip switch combination and plug it into the board.

    • Limit Switches in Open Position - This unit comes with limit switches to stop the doors in the desired open position.

       Included with the Carriage Door Opener Top of Page
    • Operator box
    • Motor
    • Control Board
    • Manual Release Key
    • Receiver
    • 2 Transmitters
    • 24V Transformer
    • Pair of Safety Infrared Sensors!
    Included Parts

    Free 24/7/365 Installation Support
    Limited 5 year mechanical warranty
    Free 7 day/week Technical Support
    Largest Number of Certified Techs in America
    Free engineering assistance to find the right door opener for your doors
    Free systems design assistance to match the right accessories to fit your needs
    Extremely competitive pricing
    Free shipping on all accessories
    Constant tracking of your order!

       Tools & Supplies for Installation Top of Page

    The following tools and supplies are suggested in the manufacturer's manual for optimal installation. They are not provided by CarriageDoorOpeners, however, most tools are available at local hardware stores for purchase or rental.

    • Power Drill
    • Crescent Wrench
    • 5/16" Drill Bit
    • Drill bit appropriate to the anchoring hardware used
    • Flat Head Mini Screwdriver
    • Phillips Head Screwdriver
    • Tape Measure
    • Level
    • Wire Strippers
    • C-Clamps
    • Carpenters Clamp

    Depending on the type of carriage door, power supply and contributing environmental factors additional tools or supplies may be needed. Please review the product manual associated with this carriage door opener model for further details.

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    Manual: EstateSwingHeavyCarriage
    QB ID: E-SC 1602 - CD + 433


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