Estate Swing 433 MHz Wireless 4-Channel Gate Opener Access Digital Keypad - Residential Housing

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    The Gate Crafters Wireless Stainless Steel Keypad is compatible with:

    Estate Swing: E-S 300*, E-S 302*, E-S 500*, E-S 502*, E-S 1100*, E-S 1102*, E-SC 1102*, E-S 1600*, E-S 1602*, E-SC 1600*, E-SC 1602*, E-SU 2200*, E-SU 2202*, E-S 450, E-SL 1200*, E-SL 1800*, E-SL 2000AC* (**when equipped with 433 mhz receiver shown below)
    Apollo: 1500*, 1600*, 1550*, 1650*, 3500ETL*, 3600ETL*, 7000UL*, 7500ETL*, BA-12* (**when equipped with 433 mhz receiver shown below)
    Other: Estate Swing 433 MHz Receiver wired into any other device.

    Estate Swing 433 MHz

    Note: If you use the transmitter seen at the top of related items to the left then this keypad WILL be compatible. If you use any other remote than the one to the left - you must verify you have the above receiver as part of your system.

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    The Estate Swing wireless four channel digital keypad is a must for every gate opener. It can hold four access codes - each of which sends a uniquely coded signal. Each code can independently control its device or all four can control the same gate. Additionally, a popular feature is the single digit secondary transmission. After an entry code is entered, for approximately 20 seconds, you can press any numeric key on the keypad to send a second signal. This is very useful if an object gets in the way and you need to stop or reverse the gate. There are multiple reasons and ways you can program this four channel digital keypad.

    Some possibilities are as follows:

  • Each Estate Swing receiver comes with two channels. The first channel is used by the gate opener to open      and close the gate opener; the second channel is left free to wire to anything you may need. If you purchase      a timer you could wire the second channel to the timer and have that channel only active for business hours.      You can program one access code for triggering channel 1 and opening the gate all the time and program      the second code to channel 2 to only allow access via that code during business hours.

  • If your garage is within 200 feet of your gate you could add an Estate Swing receiver to the garage door.      Then you could program an access code for the gate and another for the garage door.

  • If you have a pedestrian gate with an electric pedestrian gate lock you could add an Estate Swing receiver      to the lock kit. Then you would be able to release the lock through the same keypad as the gate opener.

  • Or you can simply program multiple codes to the receiver that comes with your Estate Swing. Keep one      code for the family that you know you will never have to change. And then use the other codes for deliveries      or lawn services. If you have to change one of them your family members will not have to memorize a new      access code.

    This residential keypad is made of a UV protected black ABS plastic. The buttons are back-lit white upon pressing. The led will remain lit during the use of the keypad and then turn off to conserve battery power. This keypad is designed to be easily mounted and blend aesthetically to a keypad stand or be surface mounted to a column, fence or garage door frame. It is completely weatherproof and requires no hood or cover from the elements.

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    • 4 Channel: Control up to four devices with a single keypad
    • Long range: 200+ foot wireless signal
    • Night Use: Keypad LED illuminates when numbers are pressed
    • Battery Powered: 9 Volt battery included, lasts approximately 4 years
    • Secure (Commercial Version): Locked to the mounting plate, requires specialized provided tool for removal

       Words from Senior Application, Anthony Gaeto Top of Page

    Estate Swing 433 MHz Wireless Residential Keypad
    Estate Swing 433 MHz Wireless Commercial Keypad
    “The Estate Swing 433MHz 4-Channel keypad comes with your choice of housing. This keypad has the capability to be learned wireless with an Estate Swing 433MHz receiver. The receiver has two separate channels built in. The first channel controls the opening and closing of your gate opener, and the second channel can be in conjunction with a timer to give codes that are only able to operate the gate opener during business hours or other time parameters. The residential housing features a ABS black plastic body that is UV protected, which will keep this keypad looking great for years to come. The keys on this keypad are lit by upper LED and will come on once a key is pressed. The commercial grade housing is made of all metal and features a stainless steel faceplate as well as stainless steel buttons.

    This unit features a built-in LED bulb that will illuminate the keys during use. One nice feature of the Estate Swing keypads is the capability of being able to send a secondary digit transmission to the receiver. After you enter your entry code, you will be allowed to press a single numerical key to either stop or reverse your gate. This window lasts for 20 seconds for a secondary transmission. This is helpful in the case that someone enters the path of the driveway gate. If you need any help with the programming of your Estate Swing keypad, please watch this video or give us a call, send us an email, or use our live chat. Gate Crafters has experts standing by to help you out with any question you may have. We are available 7 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm, eastern time. We look forward to hearing from you”

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    433 Keypad on 3 Rail Gate
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    Add a keypad stand: Click here

    Add a timer: Click here

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    Keypad Programming

    Wireless Keypad Programming

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