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  • NIR photo eyes are one of the easiest safety devices to install.
  • When it comes to keeping an automated carriage door safe, a Carriage Door Infrared Sensor is the safe and uncomplicated option. Together these sensors work to help prevent the automatic carriage door opener from closing accidentally on a vehicle or, more importantly, a person.

    They work with only having to wire one side, saving time from having to run wires under the driveway or carriage door. The wired side has a photo eye that projects a beam and also has a sensor to accept a beam. On the other side of the garage, you will mount the provided mirror, which will reflect the beam from the photo-eye back to the sensor on the photo-eye. When a vehicle is too close to the swing of the door it will be breaking the beam and preventing the door from closing over it.

    Having a wired sensor is more reliable, it eliminates the worry of remembering to change the batteries. The Carriage Door Infrared Sensor can be powered with 12/24 DC or AC voltage, which can be conveniently powered off any low voltage automatic carriage door opener. With an over 30-foot range, this sensor can be used in virtually any residential situation.

    QB ID: BS-IR30


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