Estate Swing Safety Edge - Pair of 3' Edges

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The Estate Swing Safety Edge is designed to increase the safety of your carriage door opener beyond the opener’s built-in features. Estate Swing carriage door openers come with obstruction sensors built into the boards so that the operators will reverse upon contact but relying on one system simply isn’t enough.

The Estate Swing Safety Edge acts to protect people, pets and personal property from harm due to the automatic opening of a carriage door. When properly installed, this rubber-like sensor detects obstructions upon touch and opens the safety circuit to the operator to stop an opening carriage door or prevent a carriage door from closing (depending on how the unit is wired). It acts as a “smart bumper” with soft padding and sophisticated touch-activated sensors. It’s smart because the Safety Edge allows you to keep your Carriage Door Opener’s force setting to the necessary degree so it won’t obstruct unintentionally (i.e. in heavy winds).

The Safety Edge comes in standard black so not detract from the appearance of the carriage door. The edges are durable for exterior use and are resistant to water, flame as well as common greases and oils. Apply to the bottom portion of the Carriage doors. For optimal safety coverage, Estate Swing recommends using the Safety Edge in conjunction with safety photo eyes.

For safe operation, use a maximum of 24 volt AC or DC power.

Safety Edge: Extruded flexible PVC
Lead Wire: 2 ft. SJTO 18 gauge – standard
Sensitivity: 4 psi – standard
Electrical Requirements: 24 volt AC/DC 1/2 amp
Operational Temperature Range: -30°F to + 155°F
One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Select the desired length in the drop down menu above. Your selection will indicate a pair of safety edges, one for each Carriage Door. It is available in dimensions of 3 feet to 7 feet in ¼” increments.

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